Spring & Fall : Big Cove YMCA Camp Outdoor Centre

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In addition to operating a residential camp in the summer months, Big Cove YMCA Camp also operates an Outdoor Centre in the spring and fall. We offer residential and day programs for schools and community organizations that foster confidence, teamwork, skill building and environmental awareness. Big Cove’s Outdoor Centre offers a beautiful natural environment, which is perfectly suited to quality outdoor learning experiences.

Big Cove YMCA Camp has a well-established program, offering a variety of activities to choose from

Group Building and Personal Challenge Sessions:

Our Group Building and Personal Challenge activities include Team Initiatives, Trust Activities, Low Ropes, Bouldering Wall, High Ropes and Zip Line. These activities provide participants with a greater self-awareness, sense of trust and accomplishment, and help to build stronger teams.

Environmental Learning and Interpretation Sessions: 

These activities help to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world in a unique outdoor setting. Programs include Earthwalks and a variety of interpretative games and activities.

Outdoor Pursuits Sessions:

These are activities that people living in an urban environment rarely have the opportunity to do. They provide participants with a chance to build new skills in a fun and safe environment. Activities include Canoeing, Archery and Swimming (weather permitting).

Wilderness Travel/Skills Sessions:

Wilderness skills sessions are usually offered in conjunction with an overnight trip, but can be run on their own. They include instruction in fire building, orienteering, low impact camping and shelter building.

For more information on The Big Cove YMCA Camp Outdoor Centre please contact the Camping Office at 422-9622, ext. 229.

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